Our Team

Dr. Estelle J Roberts OD
Dr. Estelle Roberts is an OD, meaning doctor of optometry, with a 4 year professional degree, specializing solely in the health of the eye and in providing corrective eyewear. Dr. Roberts is a veteran and as such has provided eyecare to US forces in Bosnia and Afghanistan, as well as on US soil. Dr. Roberts provides:

Full one hour routine eye exams, including
✓ Refraction
✓ Glaucoma check
✓ Screening for diseases of the eye
✓ Expert help in selecting the right eye wear

She specializes in solving problems resulting from poor vision, including, but not limited to:

✓ Convergence problems
✓ Headaches
✓ Amblyopia – “lazy eye”
✓ Dyslexia – problems with reading
✓ Strabismus – eye turns in or out

Joseph Rovinsky
Has been with us for two years
“Mr. Joey” has a BA in visual communications and has worked in the video game industry – an interesting background for a vision therapist! At the age of 10 he received vision therapy under the supervision of Dr. W. Moskowitz, the founder of Park Vision Therapy. He graduated at age 12. Later, as an adult, Joseph was offered to work for Dr. Moskowitz and did so for two years.


Teresa Senel
Has been with us for four years
During that time “Miss Teresa” has completed continuing education classes to further her understanding of vision therapy.
From the College of Vision Development:
“Applied concepts – strabismus and amblyopia.”
“Applied concepts in vision therapy.”
From Suny College of Optometry:
A course on Reading Development
A HIPPA training course.
Teresa also provides court appointed guardianship on a volunteer basis, through a charity in Flemington.

Gull-Maj Roberts
Is the director of Park Vision Therapy services
“Dr. G.” has a Ph.D. from the City University of New York. She has over twenty years of experience teaching at various colleges and at a New Jersey high school. Her functions vary from training new therapists to overseeing billing and developing new programs. She has a life long interest in teaching. Through her experiences she is completely convinced of the connection between vision problems and learning difficulties and disabilities. Her experience as a teacher gives her the ability to bridge the gap between vision therapy and the demands of New Jersey’s education system.

Dawn Smith
Has been with us for four years
“Miss Dawn” has completed continuing education classes to further her understanding of vision therapy.
From the College of Vision Development:
“Visual Information Aquisition.”
“Learning Related Vision Problems.”
From the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Inc. (SPAN for short)
“Basic Rights in Special Education.”
Dawn takes a special interest in working with patients with special diagnoses: autism spectrum disorders (in children and adults), learning disabilities, sensory processing dysfunction, attention deficit disorders, developmental delay, traumatic head injuries, and vestibular disorders.
Dawn is dedicated to promoting the well-being of children in their homes, schools and community. In this context, she is co-president for the Parent Teacher Organization at her son’s school. She is also a YMCA certified competitive swim official.